Sunday, March 30, 2008

back to the midwest

I'm back in the midwest after a week on the beach. Gotta love the midwest:)

Myrtle Beach, SC - mom, aunt, and I stayed a week on the beach, while visiting my sister, who goes to school down there.

Here's how it went...some highlights:

-flight to NC was delayed for an hour.
-sat by a 2 year old boy on the plane and of course...boys never sit still:)
-got to the resort and they didn't have our reservations, yikes! It worked out though.
-ran on the beach.
-laid out in sweatpants and a was freezing minus 2 days.
-witnessed people dressing for 30 degree weather, while others dressing for 90 degrees.
-had 2 descent days of 65+ and sunny.
-played sudoku like it was my job.
-ate at 50 million different restaurants (mom/aunt wanted to try every food possible)
-watched a sunrise.
-saw a high school friend.
-got stuck in WV traffic for hours, but thanks to the GPS, we made our way around it all.
-flight back to IL was delayed for an hour. (always my luck)

It was a good time, but I suppose I was ready to get back.
Back to IL, where I graduate in a month. can't believe it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness...I'm done teaching!?

March Madness begins!!!!!!
but the madness to it all is that today was my last day teaching!!
spring break is here, which means a week spending time with my mom/aunt/sister...
it also means a week in myrtle beach where it will only be reaching possibly 70 if we're lucky. eh.
i suppose any place warmer than 50s will be amazing.
i'm looking forward to getting away and relaxing.

hoping for some good stories to tell.

eh my bracket isn't looking the best.
i have memphis winning it.
so go memphis. eh.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

not my own

the more i seek You
the more i find You

why do i often think its all about me and its my life....
because its not at all...
i so desperately NEED Jesus...
every day.

Monday, March 10, 2008

G is for Guitar

So this week is the letter G in my kindergarten class...Mr. G, we use letter people. So today, I decided I'd bring in my Guitar since it starts with G and Mr. G has a guitar too.
Of course, the kids notice it..."Ms. Zellers, is that your guitar?"

We come to the end of the lesson, and after constant pestering about the guitar...I play. HA. my first mini concert...with Kindergartners. I made up this like 7liner song and they thought it was funny. Let me remind you, I am trying to learn by myself so I'm not great, but I did get an applause!

After I played, I asked if anyone wanted to come up and make up their own song while I play...of course, hands go flying in the air. I call on a couple of kids and as soon as they get up front....stage fright kicks in. Suddenly, they respond with "I forgot." Although I did have a couple pull sang the ABCs and another sang twinkle twinkle little star.

last week teaching with full control!
i'm loving it, but i'm ready for a breather.
the end is near:)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

self reminder

it is not about me.
sometimes i forget that.

less of me.
more of Jesus.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Snowboarding in MI

Gaylord, MI - Our "tea time" group spent the weekend skiing/snowboarding in upper MI.

Friday: One car left early AM and our car left late afternoonish. Early car found themselves in a ditch and late car came inches to being side swiped by a semi...yikes. It seemed like the longest trip ever, probably because of the snowy weather. I couldn't believe the amounts of snow up north.

Saturday - a 10 hour day on the slopes (9AM-8PM)

The highlights: 3 borders; 6 skiers

-I got hit in the head by the chair lift.
(It was my first time getting off with the board and I didn't push off enough. As I'm putting my back foot on the board, I fall to the ground. The lift keeps going and yep, the chair hits my head. I get in the fetal position in fear that another chair is coming..ha! Matt is laughing...I am laughing. The lift is stopped and a lady runs out of the her little tower and asks if I'm okay. was pretty funny.

-My friend, Manny, who was a first time skier and doesn't do well in the cold (he's from Kenya) was priceless on the slopes. Hilarious. He got hit by the chair lift as well.

-I had two major wipe outs. Both were the toe edge caught. eh.

-Brooke was rescued by the ski patrol. She broke her arm.

-the ski resort and upper michigan...BEAUTIFUL!

-Watched 4 year olds go off jumps on skis and snowboards...crazy!!

-didn't get cold at all...not even hands or feet. It was amazing weather!

-hit the slopes under the lights at night.

-attempted to play Settlers but someone had a minor coffee spill onto the game.

By the end of the day, I finally got the hang of boarding. It was SO much fun. I hurt so much right now, but it was a blast. Broken bones or not, I'm trying a jump next time.

Sunday: Went to church and headed back home in matt's car, where the music never stops.

It was a great time and my goal is to go one more time before the season is over. I found a new love, snowboarding. Convinces me more to move to a mountainous region.