Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Airport CRAZE

So, I'm flying Chicago to Cleveland.

Flight leaves at 6am
Being the smart one, I figure an hour beforehand will be plenty enough time for me to catch my flight...ha...helloooo it IS thanksgiving break!! ahhh busiest time of the year!

I arrive at the airport at 5:20.
Check-in line literally was back into the the back hallway ( I couldn't even see the check-in area).
I was for sure I was going to miss my flight.
One kind person let me cut in front of them, while another said "Yes, I do mind. We have a flight to catch too." HA.
So I gave up and figured I wasn't going to make it.
So I get checked in....and then its security with 15 min before take off.
I run to security, an old couple let me step in front of them in line...and I'm off to gate B5!
Luckily it was B5 and not B18.
I MADE IT! with 5 minutes to spare!

again. God is good. I would have been there all day, maybe all night, if I would have missed it.
I'm finally in Ohio with the fam for Thanksgiving! yah:)

Olivet Soccer

We are back from the NCCAA tourney and results stand: girls(6th place) and boys(5th place).

Kissimmee, FL - a whole week:

-rode 24 hours in a charter bus from IL to FL with boys & girls team together.
-had two crazy, wacky bus drivers (ET & George) they made the trip HILARIOUS:)
-walked through Downtown Disney
-ate at House of Blues
-saw IWUers who I miss a ton!
-spent time on the BEACH:)
-bolt broke on the bus with just 2 hours left to ONU, luckily ET fixed it.
-woke up to a toy squirral singing "I'm gettin nothin for Christmas" at 6:50AM! ha.
-tried every sleeping position possible for the long bus ride.
-watched a gazillion movies or wait I slept through most of them.
-Ok, yeah I slept just about the entire ride there and back, ha!
-ate a lot, too much at that...there is something about girls soccer and food:)
-worshiped and shared from our hearts
-witnessed a life given to CHRIST!! :)

The trip was SO much fun and when you are able to see a life come to Christ you are reminded of what it's all about.

God is good. He never stops pursuing.

Monday, November 12, 2007

NCCAA Florida

We are heading down to Kissimmee, FL tomorrow for the NCCAA Women's Soccer National Tournament with the guys team. That's 20 hours on a Charter...yikes.

We play our first game against IWU on Friday.
I'm pretty pumped.
Ok, like wayyyy pumped.

I've promised to wear purple...ha:)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's November, Yikes!

We had our annual costume practice yesterday and I went from Xena 06' to Pink Panther 07'. My good friend Amanda and I then passed out candy at the baseball coach's house in costume. It was TONS of fun and we saw some adorable kids.

Can't believe it is NOVember.
Thanksgiving is almost here! :)