Wednesday, May 28, 2008

PASSION for life

releasing some passssion for life...

ahhh after looking at past my life has been full of some sweeeet memories.
so much i miss.
but yet so much more to come!

seriously................i LOVE life.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Memorial Day weekend...80 and sunny, best weather yet.

We did some biking along the shoreline in Chicago. so great. loved it.
first dip in the pool this summer.
little cookout by the shore.
played some wii heart almost jumped out.
did some skateboarding - relived the college boarding days. Chachi remember!?

between biking and intense video heart got quite a workout.

perfect day with some pretty sweet friends.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Outside

I spent the whole day outside today at this old country house.
It was a beautiful day.
did some horseback riding.
bonfire time.

coasting on the pond in the kayak...i was overwhelmed with creation. each, its own beauty.
so much you can do.
so much you can see.
lets not limit ourselves.

You are my joy.

Monday, May 12, 2008

keep it fun

i made a good friend this weekend. tammy - she's from germany.
we were both in a friend's wedding together. yes, amber's wedding.
last minute, decided we'd go to willow creek for church and then the train station.
it was only my second time to willow creek and the only megachurch i've been to, but i loved it.
it was mother's day and funny thing...the only other time i've been there was on father's day.
so yea, it was amazing and i wished my mom was there with me.
we both would have been in tears.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm a graduate. past tense.

I graduated this weekend.
yes, its official official. i'm done.
the fam came. we laughed a lot.
but no crying- i stopped mom from following through with that one. ha:)

sooo for now, "i'm going on a job hunt.
i'm not afraid." pha..yahhh right.

nah just kidding. a plan is in place. praying for guidance.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

soccer causes injury

so today we do a soccer clinic for a local 5th grade school...oh my word hilarious!

we had like at least 12 injuries today.

including this one that isn't real funny, okay but it is.

here's the story:

the kids are doing this soccer drill which involves like 8 balls - flying everywhere...and these two girls come up to me. one is crying with her arm holding her stomach. her friend says, "the ball hit her in the stomach." so I take the girl to a nearby bench to take a breather...while still in tears, this girl takes a seat and it wasn't even 2 SECONDS and what do you know...........SMACK a ball beelines her right in the face.

oh my word, it was movie like and i couldn't believe it.
i felt bad. really i did.
but i can't help but laugh inside...we all need to get hit in the head once or twice if we want to be a stud player, right? ha:)