Friday, June 13, 2008

City Girl

No, I'm not a city girl, meaning...i would not survive in the city alone.

Altho...last weekend I spent a day in the city by myself, well most of it. I get to the city by way of train and then proceed to walk miles the wrong direction, ha! I figure I should turn around and walk the other direction.

I estimated I must have walked some 4 miles that day. After making my way to Michigan Ave, I found this cute cafe (Baci Cafe). I stopped in to grab some lunch - so good! As soon as I'm done ordering, I look out the window and...YEP it is downpouring! I enjoyed my amazing chicken sandwich and watching the hardcore people walking through the downpour. I finished in perfect timing - the rain had stopped. I continued to walk Michigan stopping along the way until I got to Jamba Juice - so good. I walked back to Millenium Park and met up with my friend Courtney - who I miss SO much and loved seeing. She makes me laugh so much :) I love her.

By this time, it was beautiful out and so the Chicago Blues Festival went on! It was a packed-muddy good time. BB King played. Good stuff.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wadsworth - OH

Made a trip home for a weekend - a good decision.

The weekend happenings -

-watched a brother graduate hs
-saw the traveling Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall
-attended the Austintown Fitch Regional Track Meet
-watched the most exhilerating boys 4x4 race - the bro made it to STATE!
-screamed and screamed some more for the 4x4 was unbelievable!
my heart raced and my body shoooook - i now know what it's like
being on the other side. a spectator.
-saw my friends tiff and stef :)
-cooked out with my friend jake and his awesome groups of friends.
-went to a graduation party.
-laughed and laughed...there always has to be laughter.
-saw a girl i used to babysit 3 years ago - she's 5 now and the cutest thing ever.
-saw my high school soccer coach.
-made the drive to ohio in 6 hours on one tank of gas, which
was amazing...thanks to someone:)
-met up with my friend megan for breakfast - who i just adore.
-went to church at Grace and was overwhelmed by God's love and grace.
seriously - I just don't even know. His spirit was ever so present that day.

So yes, I saw lots of family and friends - always a good time.
Love love loved it.