Friday, April 25, 2008

its never goodbye

as my time here at olivet comes to end, i feel so incredibly blessed to have been surrounded by a group of girls and staff that love the Lord and love one another.
seriously, i love every one of them to pieces!!!
how did i get so lucky? i'm really not sure.
i don't know how many times after being with the team i have said,
" gosh, I love them."

its never goodbye though.
i will be back for a game or two:)
I LOVEEEEE onu girls soccer!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Schoooools out FOREVER!

Yes, it's true.
I am done with school.
i turned in my last paper and presented my last presentation.

weird huh. it's weird to me...must mean i'm growing up, real world -yikes!

last night i rode along with the softball team to their game in chicago and as we're into the second game, amanda (softball GA/friend), asks if i have ever stolen pitching signs...can't say i've done that one. well i can cross that one off the list! so yeahh...i watched for the "change up" sign and then signed to Amanda...who then signed to the batter. i felt like i was cheating or something....or like undercover. i felt like the coach knew i was watching him...made for an interesting game.

this sport is wild. amanda gave me batting and throwing lessons before the game.
i wish i had been a softball player.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


so i was looking at all of my pictures the other day because i just love looking at pictures.
old ones.
new ones.
and i can't even count how many amazing people i have met in my life.
i miss a lot of these people.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

uno week lefto:)

only one more week left of student teaching!!!
it has gone SO incredibly fast!

I also passed my APT, so I'm on my way to getting an IL teaching license:)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

thick glasses

Today at school we are in the gym with all of the preschoolers and kindergarteners, waiting for the buses to arrive. I'm just standing there and a little girl approaches me and asks to go to the bathroom. I tell her she can but make it quick and if you tell one child yes...expect 10 more to come up and ask the same question, which is exactly what happened.

I have like 4 more kids come up and ask to go to the bathroom, including this one little preschool boy. He had big thick glasses that made his eyes appear 3 x their size. With his beanie hat, coat, and bookbag that was bigger than him, he asks to go to the bathroom. Oh my word...the cutest thing ever! After he melts my heart, I tell him yes. He speed walks out of the gym and as he leaves the gym I see him heading for the girls restroom, ha! He used the girls bathroom and it didn't faze him at all. It was hilarious.

Priceless :)