Friday, September 19, 2008

leaving SUNDAY

After a FUN yet exhausting week in the Bourb, I am back at home in Ohio. I picked up my passport with visa today, so I am finally good to go. I went through the interiew process, which took a whole 3 minutes ha. I felt like I was in the Matrix or something haha :)

Anyways - yes, my flight has been booked for SUNDAY. very soon.

flight routes as follows: Cleveland - Detroit - Tokyo - Seoul = around 18 hrs of air time. pretty crazy, i know.

So yes, from now on, I will be blogging from

If you are interested, you can follow along. I am sure there will be some interesting stories to tell.


Veldman Photo said...

Did you make it ok... get to bloggin! I miss you and I'm praying for you!

Anonymous said...