Thursday, July 31, 2008

0 J U L Y 8

July 2008 - h a r d but g o o d :)

This month has probably been one of the most stretching, challenging times in my life. The transition from the world as a student to the world as a professional has been much more difficult then expected. Seriously, I'm creating a required senior seminar course on LIFE. Aside from that, there has been a lack of stability in my life - living with a family, no job, ect.

I think I was due for a growing season in my life...and so JULY came - and it did just that.
It hasn't been easy, ha no no it hasn't.
During this time, I have grown greatly in relationship and prayer with God.
Often I ask myself...honestly, what would I do if I didn't have Jesus...His love, His promise, His comfort...on and on - He's got it all.

I have said it before that I have wanted to live these words of David -
Psalm 63:
Oh God, you are my God.
Earnestly I seek You.
My soul thirsts for You.
My body longs for You.
In a dry and weary land,
where there is no water.
I want to struggle and thirst for Him.
I want it to be hard and long for Him.
I want to fall to my knees and cry out to the Lord.
because I can't do it on my own.

This has been July for me --Psalm 63.
and I am thankful. really, I am.

In Job 2:10, it says "If we take happiness from God's hand, should we not take sorrow too?"

Although July has been an amazing growing month for me...I am finding myself losing sight of the growth. There will definitely be many more hard times in my life...who knows, probably just around the corner. ha.
BUT I don't want to only seek the Lord when I am in NEED of Him.
Yeah, I needed Him in July...but what about August...tomorrow...right now??
It is so easy to find myself so heavily in prayer with God only when I need Him.
There are people and ministries to be prayed for always.

I did some growing in July
but if i don't seek God 12 months
all is lost.